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Cancer Screening Resources

The latest tools and guidance to help you conduct cancer screening easily and efficiently

Physician-linked correspondence     Optimizing SAR & EMR     Using EMR to identify patients (Accuro, OSCAR and PSS)

The NYTHP Primary Care Network cancer screening program and Performance and Evaluation Committee leads are Drs. Kimberly Reiter and Sheila Yuen.

Please contact them with any questions on and

Dr. Kimberly Reiter

Dr. Sheila Yuen

Physician-linked correspondence for colorectal cancer screening

Cancer screening letters are a key way to encourage people to get screened.

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) offers physician-linked correspondence, which includes the name of the person's physician on personalized letters. 

Click here to download the PDF to print, sign and fax to CCO who will take care of the rest. 

The letters, generated by the organized cancer screening program, invite and remind enrolled patients to get screened. 

The results of a two-phase pilot study conducted by the Colon Cancer Check program demonstrated that physician-linked correspondence is an effective way to motivate eligible Ontarians to get screened for cancer. 

For more details on the study, please see the Physician-Linked Correspondence FAQ.

Physician-linked correspondence is available to all patient enrolment model physicians in the province for colorectal cancer screening and may be expanded to include breast cancer and cervical cancer screening.

Optimizing your digital tools - A Primary Care Guide: Using the SAR and EMR to Improve Cancer Screening

Click here for a helpful document that outlines how a family practice office can use the Screening Activity Report (SAR) and EMR to improve cancer screening. 

Tips for identifying patients for cancer screening on your EMR (Accuro, OSCAR and PSS)

Click here for the 'Accuro User Guide' with tips on how to import/download alerts from Accura Cloud for PAP/FIT/colonoscopy/mammogram. 

The alert/search names are as shown:

1. NYFHT_Due for colorectal screening

2. NYFHT_Due for cervical screening

3. NYFHT_Due for mammogram

Visit this site for an explanation on how to use Report for Templates and how to load the TXT search tool on to OSCAR (provided in the link below).

Download the Report By Template “Overdue Preventions” by saving it to your computer (Right Click and Save As) and upload the file to your OSCAR EMR in the admin panel.

It runs a list of patients who have not had a prevention - you can choose from a list of types of preventions including PAP, FOBT/FIT, COLONSCOPY, MAMMOGRAM) with parameters on the interval, age and gender. 

It also contains links to the patient chart and eChart.

For more tips and tricks on how to maximize OSCAR for your practice, visit OSCAR Galaxy, an OSCAR community-built website and online manual that contains the latest eForms and other digital tools and tips or join the OSCAR Ontario Facebook Group.

Click here cancer screening searches can be imported/downloaded.

Click this link for instructions on how to import searches into PS Suite.

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